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Mr. Fizziwizzit is all in a tizzy. His fidgerwidget machine is broken, and he's only got till Saturday to make all the fidgerwidgets needed for the Fuzzybunnies' bazaar! All the Fuzzybunnies in Fuzzyfurry Forest are trying to help Mr. Fizziwizzit make his fidgerwidgets so the bazaar doesn't fizzle, but grizzled old Mr. Wizzerfizz is in Fuzzyfurry Forest, too, and he'll pizzle on any fidgerwidgets he sees.

Linda is a Love Light, a special kind of human whose blood makes it possible for vampires to walk in the day. When her secret is discovered, every vamp on the planet wants a piece of her . . . but she only has eyes for one.

Eugenia has a green thumb, but when her hands, arms and neck go green she wonders about the mushrooms she found in her garden after the meteor shower. A pity; they gave her such nice dreams. 

With the sharpness of aged asiago and the awesomeness of Parmigiano Reggiano - the undisputed king of cheese - Pimento presents cogent reasoning for revering the Roquefort, cherishing the cheddar, and falling for the fungus amongus.

Whether you're tired of being a milksop or you've got an army to fight off or you want to de-clutter your house, Spartan tactics are as effective today as they were in ancient times.

A zombie struggles to survive in the competitive world of Japanese haute cuisine. It's a man-eat-man world out there.

The failed 60s quiz show host re-tells his hundred greatest jokes, complete with revealing commentaries on how and why they bombed on stage.
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