Welcome . . .

to the Hannah Rogers Literary Agency web site. I'm Hannah. Unlike some agents who shall remain nameless here, I don't write about myself in the third person as if I were important enough to have my own biographer. On the right is a picture of me as I would look if I were negotiating a seven-figure deal for your book. You can see other photos of me in the photo gallery (link in sidebar). 

You know how other agencies tell you your manuscript isn't right for their list, but that another agency might be interested? Well, we're that other agency. We might be interested . . . and we might not, but that's a lot better than other agencies, which definitely are not. 

We're relatively new, so we don't have a lot of clients . . . yet. But before you log off thinking, I want an agent who actually has clients, think about this: Why would an agent who has clients be interested in you? How much effort is she gonna put into you, her new unpublished author, when her successful authors who actually put money in her Gucci wallet are phoning her all day long just to whine about their contracts and their deadlines and their editors? 

You want me as your agent. You want me because I have nothing better to do than sell your book. 

Explore our site. And if you think we're the agency for you, check out our submission guidelines. 

Now I need to get back to work.
Disclaimer: Neither Hannah Rogers nor anyone associated with her is responsible for financial loss or emotional distress of anyone visiting this site.